Imagine Dragons “Roots” Single Review

Roots – Imagine Dragons

Billboard Predictions:

Debut: #78

Peak: #41

Wks on list: 37 wks

Everything Mainstream Score: 86/100

Review: After a social media campaign entitled “#MYROOTS”, Imagine Dragons have released what I’m calling a fan single. Roots isn’t just a song fans can only enjoy, but with its inciting hook and chorus that is fresh for an arena, mainstream listeners will definitely come in droves. The most intoxicating part of the song is its bridge, which catches your ear and puts a smile on your face.

While this song is shorter than usual, and sound quality is something you can argue, Roots is a perfect Imagine Dragons song, and after one or two listens, you’ll be obsessed.

Shout-out to the photographer (Louis Lander Deacon Photography) and all those who helped make the album art, because it rocks!

Thanks for reading. Please share your opinion of “Roots” in the comments and rate this article.


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